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timmugTim Nott left university with a degree in philosophy, which made him ideally qualified to become a builder's labourer. He worked his way up through carpentry and joinery and opened his own workshop in 1979. He moved with his family to France in 1993, where he made his living as a full-time journalist until 2005, when the irresistible opportunity for a workshop again presented itself, and he now divides his time between writing and woodworking. He is especially proud that he designed this website from scratch, including learning HTML, in under a month.
Henry Nott, Tim's son, having been a legend in his own Lycée with his band, Appleseed, decided to forgo further education. He travelled in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Australia and England, working at everything from fish-packing to builder's labourer. Must be in the genes, but he rapidly advanced to getting a licence in driving huge caterpillar-track diggers (not JCBs which his colleagues and trainer referred to a ‘Rubber Ducks’). He joined the workforce in 2005. As well as a joiner, he's a skilled stoneworker, and has transformed a heap of barny rubble into his own house.
Tim & Henry Nott